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Zen Chi Treatment

Experience More Energy and Vitality with the Zen Chi Machine!

The Zen Chi Machine works through vibration energy. This flow of energy replicates ancient pulsing techniques and helps to release daily stresses, and maintain a healthy flow of CHI or vital energy throughout the body which is essential for continued wellbeing.

This rhythmic activity is similar to an aerobic exercise that enhances blood flow to the capillaries in all of your extremities, restoring a good circulation that helps relieve pains and good oxygenation of the brain.

Zen Chi also promotes body detoxification through enhanced lymphatic circulation as well as abdominal peristalsis which results to increased metabolism and better gut function.

This side to side action is designed to relax and open your vertebrae (spine bones) relieving the tension and stress placed on your spinal cord caused by bad posture, long standing/sitting in the office, or heavy lifting.