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Yoni Steam (V-Steam) 30 MIN $50

This treatment is a wonderful opportunity to connect back in with your body.

Steaming can reduce pain and bloating associated with menses, it can help regulate your menstrual cycle, increase fertility, speed healing and tone the uterus after birth.

It can also reduce fibroids, cysts, weakness, prolapse & endometriosis.

V steams also assist with vaginal tearing, episiotomy and C-section scarring as well as heal hemorrhoids, detox the womb & release stored emotions.

How does it work?

During a professional treatment, a practitioner will have special seat with a hole for herb-laden steam directed at the vagina to rise through.

The vagina absorbs the combination of steam and herbs easily and they work their way into the bloodstream and uterus cleansing and healing as they go.

Why ladies love steaming

Like many ancient practices vaginal steaming offers up lots of benefits:

• Cleanses the vagina, uterus and reproductive system

• Helps with stress and depression

• Treats haemorrhoids and infections

• May help with infertility and hormone balance

• May be useful for gut issues, headaches and fatigue

When is steaming ill-advised?

  • V-steaming isn’t recommended during menses—it can be done prior to or just after.
  • It’s not recommended in pregnancy or for those who think they might be pregnant either as the warm steam relaxes and open the cervix.
  • Another instance where I wouldn’t recommend steaming is when active infection or cancer is present in the pelvic region, immediately following pelvic surgery or if you have an IUD. 

What about herbs being linked to miscarriage?

Many herbs are contraindicated in pregnancy and as mentioned we would never do a steam on those who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant. With that said, v-steaming is wonderful for women who are recovering from miscarriage (once everything has settled in the body). It’s also fantastic as a postpartum treatment to speed up healing and tone the area after birth.