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Whole Family Reiki – Distant Healing

You choose 3 or more members of your family (or friends) who you want to receive distance Reiki from me EVERYDAY … 7 days a week, which you book in blocks of 28 days.

Yes that’s at least 3 people OR it could be a combination of people and pets or ‘things’ (such as to help with a business or improve the atmosphere in the workplace or to put a Reiki blessing over your home).

It doesn’t matter what the combination is … You choose what makes up the 3 or more … and it doesn’t matter where in the world the 3 people, or pets or ‘things’ you want to help are located.

Each of the 3 could be in the same household or even in 3 different countries. It really doesn’t matter. It’s your choice.

I just need to know the first and last name of each person (or animal, or 'thing') and where they are located.

You then list the ways you want Reiki to try to help each of the 3 people, pets or ‘things’.

You might want Reiki to help in one area for a particular person, say to help them become more confident, or you might have a list of several areas of need for them.

With Whole Family Reiki I will deliver 84 Distance Reiki sessions to your 3 chosen family or friends over a 28 day period. The cost is an absolute bargain at only $120 meaning that sessions only cost less than $1.43 each

Number to Receive & Cost $ NZ total

03 $120

04 $160

05 $200

06 $240

07 $280

08 $320

09 $360

10 $400

11 $440

12 $480