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  • It is the number 1 back pain treatment in Europe used by doctors, naturopaths and physiotherapists finally available in Australia for those suffering from back pain and for those wanting to become certified practitioners.
  • A gentle spinal and joint treatment to work with back problems, joint problems, organ problems and headaches caused by a wrongly placed vertebra or different leg length.
  • A non manipulative treatment as joints and vertebrae slip back to their right and natural position through self determined movements of the patients.
  • A low repetitive therapy as often with the alignment of just a single vertebra and the balancing of the leg length the patient will get relief from back or neck pain or headaches and related discomforts.
  • An understanding that bases on the connection of the spinal column with certain meridians, organs and thought patterns.
  • A holistic concept, as other areas of pain often can get relief as well by working on the meridian and nerve system of the body.
  • An opportunity for many cases of so far unsuccessfully treated back and neck problems.
  • A treatment you should consider before opting for disc surgery, spinal fusion surgery or any other final surgery on your back.