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Advanced Reiki Training Class (ART)

1. Registration and sign in

2. Smudging (optional). Place Reiki all over the room and then get hugs from everyone.

3. Introductions – name, work, family, metaphysical background, understanding of Reiki, why you want to learn Reiki, and something you like about yourself.

4. Explain the Three Heavens.

5. Holy Love experience.

6. Explain what the class will include, which parts are from Usui system and which parts are from the ICRT.

7. Using crystals and stones with Reiki – how to use a single crystal to send Reiki continuously. Making a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others: used for distant healing, personal healing, goals and manifestation.

8. The Usui Dai Ko Myo – show it to students, explain usage, practice drawing it. Go over the meaning of the Japanese words and explain what it means to Reiki people.

9. Lunch (one hour). Use some of lunchtime to memorize symbol.

10. Test on symbol. The pre-ignition is done only if you are teaching the ART/Master training as one class. If you are teaching ART by itself, go to step 14.

11. Explain pre-ignition.

12. Pre-ignition. Follow the instructions located further on in the manual or handout. Give students time to write down their experiences and to share.

13. Break (10 minutes).

14. Explain how attunement works. That the attunement does not come from the teacher, but is channeled through the teacher in a similar way as the Reiki energy is channeled.

15. Advanced Reiki Attunement. Follow outline. Have students write down their experiences and share.

16. Practice giving the Usui Master symbol to each other in sessions. 2 or 3 students giving Reiki to Share about this experience.

17. Moving Meditation.

18. Write in notebook about attunement and meditation—then share.

19. Break (10 to 15 minutes).

20. Reiki Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery) – assists in removing negative psychic energy from yourself and others. Explain, demonstrate, and have students pick a partner and practice. Use these steps if students are continuing with the Master training.

21. Closing meditation or prayer.

Plus extra's such as Crystal & Angel Attunements. Tibetan Healing techniques & more