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  • Gentle, simple, sensible, effective and innocuous.
  • No medication.
  • No damages whatsoever in treatments history (30 years in Germany)!
  • Movement is a fundamental element in the treatment. All corrections happen in dynamics, the patient is swinging either his leg, arm or moving his head, depending on the area the therapist is working on. The movement distracts the muscles so they can´t resist the correction. This specialty makes the treatment a gentle therapy.
  • By aligning the structural body often muscle tension is released as well as muscles are moving into their correct, relaxed position. That way a sore upper or lower trapezius can be relieved by aligning the upper or lower cervical spine. Lower back pain or sciatic pain can be relieved by balancing different long legs.
  • The treatment kick starts the bodies own healing process. So it is not about the practitioner fixing the problem but the body starting to work with the new information, set through the treatment.
  • Finding tender points in the body, without you even knowing you had them, and working on them will potentially speed the healing process, which is why so few treatments are needed.