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  • Immediately effective in many cases.

  • Value for money as rarely more than three to four treatments are necessary to get long to everlasting results.
  • Hardly any pain during the treatment. As pain threshold is vital information of your body to stop movement we never go beyond it. Pain can´t be avoided completely but as soon as it is too much the therapist stops working on that particular part. The work then continues at a later time.
  • Even the most serious chronic cases often get fast relive – see more testimonials.
  • Perfect for prevention of back problems in kids and young adults.
  • Even suitable for chronic pain conditions as it takes a different approach to the body than most other therapies.
  • Other than chiropractic adjustments Dorn Spinal Therapy does not use sudden movements but works with constant movement of the client which means that the client is vital part of the treatment and feels more responsible in their own aftercare, meaning taking the exercises more serious. That again helps to speed up the healing process.

How can DORN SPINAL THERAPY help your children?

  • A fantastic technique to balance leg length differences in children before they even create problems for their hips and ultimately backs.
  • Even babies can be looked at and treated without any negative side effects.
  • Regular check-ups in children and adolescents help prevent or treat the negative side effects of heavy school bags and long hours in "cool postures" or in front of computers.
  • Easy exercises make it more likely for your teenagers to look after themselves.
  • Basic techniques can be learned by the parent so they can look after their children themselves and don’t need to consult a practitioner that often.