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Tuning Fork Therapy® involves the use of a variety of different tuning forks in a typical healing session. A tuning fork is a metal object that has one handle and two tines. The two tines vibrate when they are struck against another object. 

The study of sound includes knowledge of sound waves, compression waves and mechanical waves. A sound wave in Tuning Fork Therapy® is created by striking one tuning fork against another surface. This surface can be another tuning fork, the palm of your hand or a tuning fork activator. 

It is this sound wave that is used to affect the many systems of the physical body. Science tells us that sound waves need matter through which to travel. Matter can be anything including air, water, metals, even a wall. The only thing sound cannot pass through is a vacuum.

We use this knowledge of sound passing through objects and apply them to the use of Tuning Forks on our own bodies. Because our bodies are solid, sound waves pass through the skin, organs, tissues, right down to the very cells of our bodies.

The development of Tuning Fork Therapy® is based on the belief that as sound waves pass through the body, they elicit responses within the body's systems. These systems react to the sound waves and vibrations created and use them to restore to a healthier and more harmonic base.

There have been some remarkable studies on how various cells, especially cancer cells, respond to sound waves. This is a new frontier and we are just beginning to understand how sound waves can be used to help heal our body, mind, and spirit. As more practitioners begin incorporating tuning forks and sound therapy into their practices, more information will be developed and shared in this exciting field.