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Every Tuesday 8pm to 9pm 

Zoom Meeting ID: 831 2467 7149

These Meditation Circles are free wisdom and meditation spaces where individuals, families and groups are able to move out of stress, agitation, worry and anxiety into beautiful states of calm and connection

They are spaces designed particularly for you to experience healing of your body, mind and heart week by week

You will flow through a sequence of wisdom, meditation, chanting, prayer and blessings They are a space for your personal/ private heartfelt connection

The 8 Topics that flow to you weekly are -
  • For the Removing of Obstacles          
  • For Health & Vitality
  • For Love in the Family                   
  • For Prosperity                                 
  • For Stress Release                          
  • For Passion at Work                       
  • For Intelligence, Learning & Education                         
  • For Releasing the Departed     

These Circles happen simultaneously in over 40 countries around the world each week.

As thousands of people meditate together, a powerful morphogenic field of energy is created globally impacting deep insights, healings and accumulative break-throughs in relationships, work, health and wealth for you.

In turn, you impact everyone you come in contact with - your loved ones, colleagues, community and work place

Everyone's welcome.


Every Tuesday  8pm to 9pm (waiting room open from 7.45pm) NZ time

Zoom Meeting ID: 831 2467 7149


Your open-hearted self, partners, family and friends 

Price: Free