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What Happens in a Cord Cutting Session

What is a cord of attachment?

When you establish a relationship with someone (of any kind), you form two energetic structures with that person. The first one is a structure containing the unconditional love and the soul-level bond between you two. The second is a structure which contains all the negative patterns and dynamics of your relationship.

This is the one that we call the cord of attachment. This astral level attachment is not a positive structure. You contribute negative patterns into that cord, and the other person does too.

Those patterns of emotion, thought and Behaviour circulate in that cord, until you cut it. And that cord is connected to your aura, so the energies of the cord enter your aura 24/7 and affect you subconsciously in a variety of ways. Cords don’t just drain your energy.

They send negative patterns back and forth between you both, and into your aura. Traumas can circulate in them, leaving you feeling haunted by them (for want of a better word). They can also cause you to choose relationships and experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise because they predispose you to act in a certain way. Cord-cutting sessions are very different from a reading. (For a start, unlike in a psychic reading, we do not involve Spirit Guides or other astral-level beings in a cord-cutting session.)

So here’s what happens when you book a cord-cutting. Please note that this is a summary for the purposes of the curious reader or the client who has already booked a session. I don’t include all details of the cord-cutting session in here – just enough so that you can familiarize yourself with the process.

Setting your Intention

At the start of the session, I ask you for your intention – one way in which you’d like your life to be different or better through this session. That way, you are in control of your healing.

Creating a Sacred Space

Next, we create a sacred space.

Who to cut cords with?

Sometimes clients already know who they want to cut a cord with, and I check we have divine permission to do this. Occasionally we can be refused permission to cut a cord. Sometimes clients are not sure who to cut cords with, but they have a few ideas. What I can do is check which cord, if cut, might help to bring about that intention they set.

If you are getting a session with me, you want to be cutting a major cord of attachment in the session (to make it worth your while).

Who do we normally have major cords of attachment to?

– Those who have hurt you with violence or abuse of some form

– Those involved with you (or those who caused for you) a major accident or trauma

– Parents

– Siblings

– Biological parents (if you happen to be adopted)

– Children

– Sexual partners involved in conceiving a child

– The person with whom you lost your virginity

– Ex-lovers you lived with or ex-spouses

– Childhood friends

– Spiritual teachers, healers or therapists who influenced you negatively

– Cult leaders

– Bullies from childhood (or adulthood)

– Extremely difficult employers, employees, co-workers or clients

Chakra databanks checked?

Next, I take a look at two ‘chakra databanks’ which are most affected by the cord this client has to the other person. This is like a ‘before’ picture, so we can get a clear picture of how this cord affects them, emotionally, mentally and in their behaviour.

Where is the Cord?

Next, we find out where the cord is on the client’s body, for the purposes of cutting it.

Giving Permission

Now I ask the client to read out a permission statement, giving the Divine Being (and me) permission to cut the cord. This is like a spiritual contract and it is needed in order for the healing to happen.

Cutting the Cord

Then the cord cutting happens along with the help of the divine being. And the cord goes into the violet flame that we set up, one in every corner of the room, when we created the sacred space.

Putting on the Bandage

In order to rebalance, we put a bandage on the client’s aura, where the cord came out. It is necessary to fill that space where the cord came out.

I find out how long the bandage needs to be on and the client chooses some positive energetic qualities to go into that bandage and into their energy field. Then the bandage is put into place by the divine being.

Getting the Dialogue

Within a cord of attachment, there are negative patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion that circulate in the cord, back and forth between the two people, 24/7. This part of the session is for finding out which energies are present in the cord and this is called ‘the dialogue’.


Once those patterns are no longer flowing into the client’s aura, we talk about how they were affecting them and we discuss the question of what can change now that the cord is cut.


Afterwards, I might receive some practical homework for the client to do around the healing. It can be anything from a written assignment, a brainstorm to do, a practical task or something to think about or meditate upon.

Then we complete the session and cut any ties between us or anyone else who was thought about or spoken about during the session.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity and helps you to know what to expect, if you have already booked a cord-cutting session!