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$15 Readings


Sometimes you don't need or want a full reading. Maybe you just need the answer to one question or guidance on one situation. Perhaps you're trying my services for the first time, or you need answers but your budget is already so tight you can't afford a regular reading. That's why I offer a variety of $15 readings.

Each reading will address your concern and answer it in detail. You will NOT get a short sentence or two, you will get depth, honesty, and accuracy you can trust!

Simply email me at [email protected] or FB messenger and let me know which reading you would like to purchase. I will then confirm your reading with payment instructions. Readings will be sent via email or messenger with 48 hours.

PICK 1, 2 OR 3

1) One Question Psychic Reading

Your Question Answered In Detail!

Get the answers and guidance you need for your unique situation!

For this reading I use no tools. I connect directly with your energy and your spirit guide to offer you the highest guidance and most clarity possible.

Whether you have a question regarding love, money, health, career, schooling, a friend or family member, a potential love interest, or need guidance on anything else, I can help you!

After purchase send me your question or situation and any background details that will help me to provide the most in-depth reading I can for your personal needs.

I look forward to reading for you!

2) Three Card Oracle Reading

Psychic-Oracle Messages Revealed!

This reading will cover one question or area and will be answered in detail via an oracle using three cards. I don't use time-worn definitions, but use them solely to add depth to the reading. I'll tell you what cards you received and the messages I get. All readings end on a positive note! I will give you details about the situation or question, the possible outcome, and how to get to the most positive place in life.

Feel free to ask any question or have me look at any situation! I WILL provide the answers and guidance you need!

3) Message from the Universe

What Do Your Guides Want You To Know?

Although we THINK we know what we need or want in our life, many times our guides have other suggestions we probably aren't aware of. What message do your guides want to relay to you? What guidance does the Universe hold for you at this point in time? You just may be surprised!

This is an eye-opening and often revealing reading. You may be presented with guidance, facts, advice, healing, hope, inspiration and much more. Find out what important information your guides want you to know at this time. This reading offers so much comfort and clarity!

Which Option would you like - 1, 2 or 3?

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