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Celtic Cross Reading or Mini Intuitive Reading (FB Messenger or Email Reading)


10 Card Spread Covering:-

Card 1: The present. This card represents what is happening at the present time. It also reflects state of mind and how you may be perceiving the situation.

Card 2: Influences for or Against - The challenge. This card represents the immediate challenge or problem facing the querent. This is the one thing that, if resolved, would make life a lot easier. Even if you draw a ‘positive’ card in this position, consider it carefully as it will still represent a challenge.

Card 3: Turning Point or Recent Past. This card represents the events that have lead up to the present situation and may provide some indication of how the challenge came about.

Card 4: The future. This card represents what is likely to occur within the next few weeks or even months. This is not the final outcome, simply the next step on the journey.

Card 5: Goals / On Your Mind - Above. This card reflects goals, aspiration or best outcome with regards to the situation. It is what you are trying to work towards consciously as you attempt to resolve the issue.

Card 6: Foundation - Below. This card reflects that which is within your subconscious and delves much deeper into the core foundation of the situation. It symbolises the underlying feelings and trends associated with the situation and can indicate what is truly driving you.

Card 7: Something to Consider - Advice. The advice card takes into account all that is happening within your life and presents a recommendation for what approach can be taken to address the current challenges.

Card 8: Surrounding Influences - External influences. This card highlights the people, energies or events which will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond your control.

Card 9: Your Beliefs or Approach - Hopes and/or fears.

Card 10: Overview or Outcome. This card is representative of where the situation is headed and if/how the issue will be resolved.

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