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Chios Energy Healing (Correspondence course) - 3 Level Combo Deal


Chios Energy Courses

Chios Energy Field Healing is a comprehensive system of powerful and effective aura and chakra healing techniques created by Steven Barrett. You will learn to work with energy through your hands, and work with light, color, and symbols. Chios energy field healing is easy enough for someone just getting started with energy work, and at the same time offers many new techniques that will be helpful even to energy workers that have been studying holistic healing for some time. It works well with other healing systems, such as various forms of Reiki..


Each level of chios attunement will be given to you over distance as you start each level. There is a test to take after each level. The series of attunements work powerfully on the spiritual levels, and are designed to activate your ability to practice this healing modality. If you choose to complete all 3 levels, you will be a Chios Master Teacher with the ability to teach and attune others.


These courses are taken at a distance, and at your own pace. You need to purchase the student manual from amazon and workbooks will be emailed to you at the commencement of each level.


If you choose to take all three levels, you will receive one certificate at the end of the third level as a Master Teacher of Chios.


I will be available for support and any questions you may have throughout any of the levels and after completion of the courses.


Upon completion of Level 3, you will be a Master Chios Teacher and be able to teach the each level and attune others to each level. You can be listed on the Chios home site as a Master Teacher.

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